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Terms of Use


  1. Before you get started, there’re a few terms and conditions (“T&C’s”) of which you need to be aware before reading or using our content, social media pages or website (“content”). We’ve tried to make them easy for you to follow – no pages upon pages of small text and incomprehensible language here!

  2. These T&C’s are important because they set out the intended uses of our content, how we hope you can use our content and how our content cannot be used – essentially, they are the rules of accessing or using our content. 

  3. Our T&C’s may be updated ever so often with or without notice to you. The current T&C’s will be available on our website and any social media pages which we run. By accessing or using our content, you agree that you have read, understood and accepted our T&C’s. 

    Governing Law 

  4. Your use of and access to our content is governed by the laws of the Trinidad and Tobago.



  5. To start, and most importantly, because law is so fact specific, we cannot and do not give legal advice. Legal advice applies the law to a client’s individual situation. Legal advice usually includes suggesting an option or next step and may include advising a client that specific legal information applies to them.

  6. On the other hand, our content tries to provide information and knowledge about the basic laws of Trinidad and Tobago in an accessible and easy to understand way for the public. We believe that to do this it is important to shed the legal jargon where possible – sometimes it’s not! –  by translating and explaining the law in simple language. We are strictly educational and our content is provided for general information purposes only. 

  7. Our content does not apply to any individual situation specifically but provides general information on broad areas of law in simple language only. This is not a substitute for legal advice.

  8. We cannot act as your lawyer and your access to or use of our content or communication with us does not create an attorney-client relationship.

  9. If you need advice about a specific problem, if you’re facing an urgent or emergency situation, if you need to be sure that certain information applies to your situation, if you have been or are going to be sued, if you intend to sue someone, if you are under criminal investigation, if you have pending or ongoing criminal matters, or you have any pending or current case before a court of law or tribunal in Trinidad and Tobago, please contact a lawyer immediately. You can check our our page on choosing a lawyer here and for more information on dispute resolution, check out this page.

    Accuracy of Information


  10. Although we hope that we can provide you with up to date and accurate information, laws change and rapidly become out of date changes and evolves – see our page on how laws are created and developed! There may be instances where our content is out of date and no longer applies. We give no undertaking to you to keep our content up to date.

  11. You should not take any action based on our content without first seeking legal or professional advice specific to your particular situation.

    Limitation of Liability 


  12. Firstly, we make no representations or warranties are made about the suitability, currentness, comprehensiveness and/or accuracy of our content. 

  13. These next paragraphs limit our liability to you which may arise out of your use of our content and ensure that you agree to cover any costs which we incur arising out of your wrongful or inaccurate use of our content.

  14. You expressly agree that your use of the website or services is at your sole risk. We are not liable under contract law, tort law, or otherwise for any damages of any kind howsoever incurred from your access and/or use of our content. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, in no circumstance will we be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, exemplary or other damages (including loss of date, profit, or any other pecuniary or non-pecuniary loss, arising out of the use, or inability to use, our content. This limitation shall apply to the fullest extent permissible by law.

  15. You will indemnify and hold CommunityLawTT our officers, directors, employees, servants and/or agents from and against any and all claims, threats, actions, proceedings, demands, damages, losses, obligations, costs, expenses, including lawyers’ fees, made by any third party due to any violation by you of these T&C’s, or any violation by you of any rights of another (including intellectual property rights, publicity, personality or privacy).

  16. You expressly acknowledge that we’re making this content available to you in reliance upon the limitations and exclusions of liability contained in these T&C’s and that the same form an essential basis of our T&C’s. You expressly agree that these limitations, exclusions of liability, and disclaimers will survive and continue to apply in the case of a fundamental breach, or breaches of, the failure of essential purpose contract, the failure of any exclusive remedy, or the termination or suspension by us of your use of, or access to, the website. 

    Use of Other Websites


  17. Our content will sometimes link you to websites which are not under the control of CommunityLawTT. Although we make every effort to provide you with links to accurate and reputable websites, we accept no responsibility or liability for any issues and/or loss which arises in connection with the use of your date, your use of, or inability to use the content of those other websites or the services of those other websites.  

  18. The accuracy of the content provided by the other websites to which CommunityLawTT may provide links remains the sole responsibility of the site provider and CommunityLawTT shall not be liable to you in respect of any loss and/or damage which you may suffer by using those websites.

    Licencing and Use of Content


  19. We encourage you to use and share our content! That is the only way that we can try to meet our goal of educating the public on what the law is and how it may affect them. Our content is, however, except for images and videos, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Licence ("CC BY-NC-SA 4.0").

  20. CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 is an open license - it's an alternative to the usual copyright and allows for the sharing of our content and intellectual property. It's a standard way for content producers to grant permission to others to use their work. This helps to share information and to build a community of contributors which ultimately helps us to reach our goal of public legal education. Except for any images, you are free to copy and redistribute our content and to adapt, remix, transform or build upon our content. We only ask the following of you: 

    a. before you share our content or rely on it howsoever reasonable checks are made to ensure that the law is up to date and accurate.

    b. that you acknowledge us as the source of the content that you share.

    c. that our content is not used for commercial purposes.

    d. that if you adapt, transform or build upon our content, you must distribute your work under the same CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 licence.


  21. Our images and any videos within our content, which includes any photographs, design elements such as icons are not covered by the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 licence. Nothing in these T&C’s should be interpreted as giving direct or indirect permission to use of these images from this website, save and except in instances where our content is shared or redistributed. 

  22. Don’t forget that where you do share or redistribute our content, whether in the original form or as you may later adapt, transform or remix our content, you must acknowledge us as the source of the content that you share! 

    Sharing or Redistributing our Content


  23. If you do share or redistribute our content, whether it has been adapted, transformed or remixed, the permission which we grant you to do so is based on the following terms:

    a. You will not alter any logos, images or videos which are contained within our content without our prior written permission.

    b. You will not use our name, logo or link in any way which implicitly or expressly implies a relationship of agency, partnership, joint venture, sponsorship or endorsement by us.

    c. You will not make any negative references to us.

    d. You agree that your website will not contain any material which:

    i. is obscene, libellous or defamatory;

    ii. which infringes on any other entity’s intellectual property rights;

    iii. contravenes any applicable law;

    iv. in any manner as determined by us which is contrary to our best interest or reputation.


  24. Sharing and/or redistributing our content does not create any relationship of agency, partnership, joint venture, sponsorship or endorsement with or by us.

  25. We shall not be liable to you for any loss and/or damage of any type, including, but not limited to, indirect consequential or punitive damages, whether by indemnity or otherwise, arising from your sharing or redistribution of our content, the subsequent use or misuse of the shared or redistributed content or howsoever otherwise incurred.



  26. Although our content on our website is available in spanish, the translation of our content has been provided by Google Translate. There may therefore be inaccuracies which we are unable to identify. If you do happen to spot an inaccuracy and want to help us correct it, email us at


  27. CommunityLawTT currently doesn’t accept donations.


    Please contact us at

    These terms and conditions were last updated on 18th October, 2021. 


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