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Who We Are


CommunityLawTT is an education and information non-profit group which is based in Trinidad and Tobago and that aims to educate the public by making the law accessible to all. 


CommunityLawTT was created in recognition of a growing need for the public’s wider education and their increased access to the law.


What We Do


The law is complex. It’s often written in formal and technical language which may be difficult for everyone to understand. It’s developed often – by different arms of the state – and, on occasion, it’s changed or reversed entirely. Although changes to the law are technically accessible to everyone, not everyone may know where to look, what to look for or what the changes mean.


Why do you need to know how the law works? Well, it controls nearly every aspect of your daily life and what you can and cannot do. It controls everything from purchasing clothes from a store, selling your land, buying a car, your employment, paying your taxes, creating and managing your family – the list goes on. 


By the same token, as our country and society develop, our laws may become more difficult or complex because of the policies upon which they’re based. Even if the end product seems fair, or at least understandable, to the law maker or lawyers who understand how the system works, it may not appear fair or understandable to the someone who doesn’t share their knowledge.


We started Community Law to provide information and educate the public about the laws of Trinidad and Tobago, including how laws are made, how the judiciary works, the parts played by different offices in our government and common laws or issues with which people face frequently – whether knowingly or unknowingly. 


By making the law accessible in this way, we want you to be aware of your legal rights and obligations and have the confidence to protect these rights through the legal system where they’re threatened.

Last updated 20 April 2023.

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